7 de March de 2016


Let RLM Brazil Tour Operator take care of everything

From Incentive Groups to Events and everything in between

INCENTIVES are just a few of the multitude of things that RLM Brazil Tour Operator provides. Planing and coordinating a trip can be exhausting and at times overwhelming. Trying to get the best deals on airfares and hotels, as well as figuring out transportation and transfer services will take up a lot of your valuable time. Don't be discouraged by this and give out cash incentives that will be used up quickly and are not very memorable, Travel Incentives provide a lifetime of memories and and a kind of "thank you" that can't be achieved through cash. For your next company trip use RLM Brazil Tour Operator to save time and money! we happily take everything you don't want to do and organize it into one little package to be presented to you, instead of having copious amounts of information to handle on your own. Even if it is a nice relaxing getaway or a tightly time packed business excursion, RLM Brazil Tour Operator, wants to make your trip the most memorable that it can be. Remember, the world awaits!

EVENTS are happening all the time and sometimes its too much to handle between planning an event and/or attending one. Here at RLM Brazil Tour Operator we can provide you with all you need for any event including the logistics for the creation of your own event. Through RLM Brazil Tour Operator all your needs will be met and more because we handle any task, no matter how big or small, to make sure that your event has 100% satisfactory rating, this is what we believe in.

Check out the CONVENTION CENTERS to see our "top 5" and to get more information on any of them to start making your event a reality with RLM Brazil Tour Operator

Convention Centers

Have an Event at a convention center in Brazil? We proudly provide services to all of the convention centers and everything that would be needed during your stay. From picking you up at the airport, guiding you throughout the city on your private vehicle, your personal group translator and providing excellent dining options, RlM Brazil Tour Operator is and always will be dedicated to you and making sure that we remain your #1 choice whenever attending a convention in Brazil.

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